Will your existing pension be sufficient to sustain the lifestyle you want in retirement? 

Discover the significant benefits available from having a Pillar 3 private pension plan

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Key benefits of a Pillar 3 pension

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Solutions tailored to your needs and goals  

Pillar 3 gives you the opportunity to craft an optimum investment strategy forged around your needs, goals, attitude to risk, investment time frame, and security requirements  

Maintaining the lifestyle you want when you retire  

None of us knows what the future holds, so it’s becoming increasingly important to explore the advantages offered by Pillar 3 in tailoring a solution that ensures you can afford the lifestyle you want to lead when you retire  

Maximising Tax relief  

Pillar 3a plans are tax deductible and payment at maturity is taxed at a reduced rate, making it well worth considering reducing your annual tax bill by paying the maximum you can into a Pillar 3 pension

Flexibility Many pillar 3 plans can be changed and adapted as your circumstances evolve so your pension plan grows with you, for you.

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