Learn more about managing your money and achieving financial independence 

Included in the guide:

  • Q&A section to help set your objectives and understand your attitude towards money.
  • Introduction to the 'wealth number' and understanding how much is enough for you.
  • A template to calculate your expenses.
  • An asset overview template.
  • Tips for improving your cash flow.
  • How you can stress test your plan against future scenarios.
  • Your financial planning checklist.

This financial planning guide takes you through the necessary steps to define your objectives and start your personal plan.

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Key benefits of a financial plan

Answers to hard questions  

The planning process will force you to answer hard questions about your money motivations and goals and help you find answers to questions such as "how much is enough?" and "how soon can I afford to retire?".

Financial independence  

A financial plan helps you achieve your goals by clearly defining them. This will help you make the right changes now to secure the future you want. Our planning checklist ensures you don't miss any key steps.


When there are market shocks or unexpected life events, a solid financial plan and the rewards that come with it gives you the confidence to make the right decisions in difficult times.

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